Why Bleasy?

Bleasy proudly champions a new era in how women view their menstrual cycles, turning them into a source of empowerment and dignity. Through a focus on education, well-being, and sustainability, Bleasy ignites a movement that celebrates women and their natural cycles with pride.

What our customers are saying
"I have struggled for years with being allergic to something in the disposables, these have been a god send! First time in 6/7 years I’ve had a comfortable nights sleep and not woken up because my skin is literally falling off (when using disposables) it had gotten to the point I had anxiety knowing my period was coming, literally life changing!"
— Shelly | BleasyPads
These have been an absolute life changer for me. I have a really heavy flow and these can usually last me an entire day before I have to change them!! Have used them for four periods now, and have never had a single accident. Easy to wash as well.
— Helena | BleasyPanties
When I bought it wasn’t sure if it was going to help with my cramps but it works so well. The vibrating feature makes my cramps go away and the heat feature too. Recommend!
— Doreen | MiracleRelief
So comfortable in these. I always felt anxious using disposables, but these have helped me be more confident during that time of the month, and they are so easy to clean
— Robyn | BleasyPanties
"Excellent product! I wish I'd known about these sooner. No leakage, perfect for heavy periods. Really easy to wash and dry. Shows how poor the big brand plastic-filled sanitary towels are. Arrived quickly, will definitely purchase again. Saving money and the environment."
— Shaz | BleasyPads
"I love them! They are so comfortable and soft, it's like cuddling your vagina while saving the planet from plastic, what else can you wish for?!"
— Cinzia | BleasyPads