Say goodbye to single-use period products and hello to a healthier and more sustainable cycle with BleasyPanties and BleasyPads! Whether you prefer the convenience of leak-proof BleasyPanties or the versatility of reusable BleasyPads, we've got you covered. Embrace the power of nature and choose an eco-friendly solution for your monthly visitor. It's time to give your body and the planet the love they deserve!



Everyone deserves the best possible period experience. That's why we offer a range of BleasyPanties in different styles, sizes, and absorbencies.

But wait, it gets even better! Before making your purchase, be sure to check out the size chart and absorbency levels for each style. This will help you find the perfect fit for your body and ensure you're getting the right level of protection for your flow.

No more settling for ill-fitting period products or feeling self-conscious about leaks. Bleasy is here to revolutionise the way you experience your period and make you feel confident, comfortable, and in control.



Step into a world of period comfort and confidence with Bleasy's line of reusable pads!

Our 5 unique sizes cater to every flow, so you can say goodbye to one-size-fits-all pads that just don't cut it. From light to super heavy and everything in between, we've got you covered.


  • XS | Pantyliner - 18cm (6.9in) long - for everyday light spotting
  • S | Light Flow - 20cm (7.8in) long - for those light flow days
  • M | Regular Flow - 23cm (9in) long - for medium days and regular flows
  • L | Heavy Flow - 28cm (11in) long - for heavy days and light incontinence
  • XL | Super Heavy Flow and Overnight - 32cm (12.8in) long - for heavy flows, incontinence, and postpartum bleeding

Say hello to a more comfortable and sustainable period with Bleasy's reusable pads, tailored to fit your unique needs.